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Simon Price - SCA


We are a European tissue Manufacture and one of our many transport flows is to move paper reels from our paper machine in Chesterfield to our production site is Skelmersdale. We moved to TDS 18 months ago after a review of our operations. Working with TDS we realised there was some big efficiencies to be gained. As our reels are a height of 3.4m we required bespoke trailer which they were able to offer.


As the trailers have lifting roofs the reels can be loaded easily and there has been reduction in damage. In the past we had our own FLT operators loading the reels but during the investigations we have implemented a system where TDS trained drivers to load themselves. This has given the operation efficiencies and also reduced loading times. Because the reels are for production and in some cases is just in time service is essential (24/7) which TDS manage very well.


Over the last 18 months we have a good working relationship with a family firm who are always looking to improve efficiencies.



Philip Eastham (Great Bear Ltd)


Your service level is 99.7%.

This gives you an overall OTIF of 99.4%

These are excellent scores. You remain the No 1 Haulier in terms of service to P Z Cussons.



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